Balanced Approach

My skating has been greatly influenced and enhanced by my yoga practice.  I began practicing yoga several years ago, before I had resumed skating regularly.  In addition to improving my strength and flexibility, yoga gave me much better body awareness.  I began to notice how subtle shifts of weight and focus affect balance and movement.  When I returned to skating, I brought with me a greater understanding of body mechanics, as well as improved posture and alignment.

While on a break from weekly skating training, I enrolled in yoga teacher training at Beloved Yoga in Reston and earned a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certificate. Through Beloved Yoga, I've had the opportunity to teach yoga to young figure skating students during summer skating camp. I truly enjoy sharing my own experience of yoga as an off-ice training technique with the young skaters.  After a while, I realized that my yoga teacher training was also a helpful on-ice tool.

I have always hated to see people struggling on the ice, either clutching at the wall for dear life or throwing caution to the wind and flailing wildly about the rink, neither of which is particularly safe or enjoyable. I've spent countless hours of my own skating time at public sessions working with new beginners, coaxing them off the wall, teaching them how to fall and get back up again, and trying to demystify the process of skating. I have learned that truly simple, subtle adjustments in posture and alignment can make a tremendous difference in a beginner's skating experience.  A little body awareness goes a long way.

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